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Your SEO partner for organic growth. Not a generalist, but an specialist that delivers results, without compromise.

Growth mindset.

Technically skilled.

Data driven.

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Let’s start with an important question

What are you looking for exactly?

You’re looking for a freelance SEO specialist who takes ownership and works on a structural basis on organic growth for your business. A partner who’s part of your business and gets to know your market thoroughly. You don’t want to deal with account managers and complex SEO audits, of which you have no clue what to do with. You’re looking for a dedicated SEO specialist with experience in competitive markets.
I provide support for the following businesses:

Kevin van Beek, Freelance SEO specialist

I’ll help your business grow with organic search.

As a freelance SEO specialist, I help businesses with conversion and organic search marketing. A decade of SEO experience on the agency and client side for companies such as: iProspect, Mediablue, KLM, Allegro, PayPal, Bakker, Voetbalshirtskoning, Blokker and Chocolate Company. My focus is business-to-business lead generation, e-commerce SEO, international SEO and providing support for startups.

I write about SEO for e.g.

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Collaborate, innovate and ownership

I’ll take care of all your SEO challenges.

I won’t bother you with a complete list of SEO tasks, I can help you with. Eventually, you want a professional who takes care of the full SEO spectrum. This way, you can focus on your expertise, and I’ll take responsibility for mine, including all aspects regarding organic search marketing. This will result in improved brand visibility, more qualified leads, and more revenue for your business.

SEO migrations
Log file analyses
Javascript audit
Internal link structure
Technical audit
Core Web Vitals & UX
Content strategy & research
Authorithy and backlnks
And much more

Search marketing conference

BrightonSEO 2024.

In October, I will be in the city of Brighton in the United Kingdom to explore the biggest search event, BrightonSEO. Twice a year, this event takes places for SEO professionals and search enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences.
The change from the traditional blue link approach towards dynamic search results is a logical consequence, with the users interest up front. Search trends and technology change the way your customers perform their journey towards information. My emphasis on organic search is not rankings, nor is it limited by Google. Organic search opportunities should be used to its full extent and combined with other search strategies for synergy. This makes organic search profitable and rich in opportunities for your business.

"Start before you're ready"

I would like to know your story

I’m curious who you are, and what SEO challenges you face.

SEO is not about rankings. Your business as a brand, market and target audience is my main center of attention. While you can learn a lot from competitors, you want to get ahead, stand out and add value to your customers. I work with a long term and holistic approach, where I prefer to work closely together with multiple search strategies to get the best from organic search performance for your business. This way, we can use organic search opportunities to its full potential. I’m curious who you are, and what SEO challenges you are facing. Send me a message to schedule a call. I would like to know your story.

Jerry - Owner,


"Very satisfied! Clear communication about results and changes made."
🏆 Top positions achieved.
🏆 92,55% more organic visitors
🏆 45,74% more conversions
🏆 More visible reviews in Google

Questions and answers


Based on one full day every week, my hourly rate is €80,- excluding VAT and traveling / parking expenses.

Increased visibility and better positions in organic search results. More visitors and qualified leads, ultimately resulting in more revenue. A specifc answer to this depends on the circumstances and objectives.

When we talk about results, it ultimately concerns more qualified leads and revenue. SEO is always tailor-made, there is no universal answer to this. Don’t invest in SEO as a quick win. Even though some advice is simple to implement, the real results can take a long time. That is why I always work with a long-term approach. Based on experience, I can make a SEO forecast for each situation with the expectations.

In most cases I work on location at clients throughout the Netherlands. This way you have direct personal contact and I am really part of the team. In other cases I work remotely from Zoetermeer.

Basically, you can cancel at any time and you are not committed to anything, unless we agree otherwise. To guarantee my availability, it is wise to agree on a term.

I work for every type of company and organization, regardless of size and industry. My focus is on B2B market, e-commerce, startups and scalable domains on a global level. I work for well-known brands and small sized companies. Working together in multidisciplinary teams of specialists or completely independently in a small organization. An important requirement for me is enjoying my work and working towards ambitious goals that are actually achievable.

As an SEO freelancer, I specialize in conversion and organic search marketing. I help you with findability in the entire organic search landscape, ultimately resulting in more customers and turnover. I offer help with SEO issues, provide strategic advice and work as an executive SEO specialist. I assist clients with the implementation of strategy and ensure mutual knowledge sharing in order to improve work processes. Can be used for temporary (interim) assignments, ad hoc and long term within any type of company and organization throughout the Netherlands.

I work with all Google products, including: Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Tag Manager, Search Console, Google Trends and Keyword Planner. Some premium tools I work with are e.g. Semrush, Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, Claud, Lumar and Majestic. I’m familour with many more tools.

I can give you free advice during an introductory meeting. A one-off extensive report with advice is not something I do quickly, because in practice little is done with it. I would like to provide extra attention to ensure that advice is actually implemented, so that the result is achieved. Even though my profession is defined as SEO specialist / consultant, I prefer to see myself as a partner, where we work together. This will also be reflected in results.

During a telephone introduction we discuss your wishes and goals. I will do the necessary preliminary research and discuss this further during a personal conversation. Based on the situation, we determine what resources are needed to achieve goals. I incorporate findings into an action plan. After approval, we work towards the objectives. I provide insight into progress with periodic reporting and make adjustments where necessary. Once goals have been achieved, we set new goals for further growth.

The most important thing for me is enjoying my work. Doing great work is much easier when you do something you’re really passionate about. Working on ambitious goals that can actually be achieved. I will immediately tell if unrealistic goals are set. That doesn’t help either of us. I work with a long-term approach with the aim of a high customer satisfaction.

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