Kevin van Beek

SEO specialist & Website optimization in Google


More visitors can create leads and revenue for your business. Improve your visibility in Google, YouTube and Bing.

E-commerce SEO.

Every approach is different. Especially with webshops the technical aspect and structure creates trouble for growth.

Local SEO.

Local or global. Online visibility in a specific area requires a different approach. What is your service area?

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kevin van beek, seo specialist

I achieved my Bachelor degree in Media and Entertainment. Eventually started working in marketing and specialised in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Improved rankings, traffic, leads and revenue for multiple businesses with Google and YouTube. Local businesses, e-commerce and international brands.
I had the pleasure gaining experience by working with over a hundred websites and eight agencies, such as Kliq Internet, Media Blue International and iProspect (Dentsu Aegis). KLM, PayPal, Allegro, Voetbalshirts Koning, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Chocolate Company, Office City, Gooiland, Intertoys and Blokker or some of the websites I worked on.
One of the biggest highlights is working on websites with over forty million daily requests worldwide. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy working on small websites for start-ups and local businesses. Whether it is about milions of daily visitors or ten. To me, SEO is eventually all about maximizing conversion. I offer my help to agencies and businesses in the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Partner with TrafficTree.


I work with you, not for you


Here i provide help for marketing agencies as a Freelance SEO plug and play solution for your clients.


For businesses that need help with SEO. More visitors, leads and sales on your website with Google, Bing and YouTube.


Learn about SEO in my SEO training courses from experience. For individuals and businesses.


Webdesign for a home care company


Jerry - Owner,

"Very satisfied! Clear communication about results and changes made."
πŸ† Top positions achieved.
πŸ† 92,55% more organic visitors
πŸ† 45,74% more conversions
πŸ† More visible reviews in Google


Google Page Experience Update

The December 2020 Google update had major consequences for websites in Google. Major drops and rises in organic traffic. On June 2021 Google released a new important update. This performance update is aimed at the User Experience (UX). Google also announced it will drop desktop only websites from the index in 2021. Recover from previous updates. Be prepared for all Google updates of the future with SEO and UX.


Questions and answers

Is it a matter of cost or value? The most important question is: What value does SEO offer to you? Cost and value all depends on many variables, such as current website status, competition and complexity optimizations needed to achieve the results you are looking for. With a free potential analysis, I deliver you insight and an estimate in cost vs. value. From their on we can decide what to do next.

I provide SEO services, such as SEO courses, website optimization for businesses and freelance support for agencies. I’m able to develop plans and execute. Website migration, content strategy, technical optimization, mobile optimization and much more. When its about organic visibility in Google, Bing or YouTube, I am very sure I can help.

Yes, I am able to work with SEO, Google Ads, Conversion Optimization and even able to create websites with WordPress. This way I am always thoughtful of solutions for your challenges.

Both. I work for marketing agencies and businesses.

Their is not a specific type or branch. Large or small websites, local businesses with services, e-commerce websites with products. Local or global. It doesn’t matter. If you like to grow in the organic search results of Google, Bing or YouTube I can help you.

Both. I work remotely and closely with clients in the Netherlands and UK. I live in the Netherlands and have my office in Rijswijk. Occasionally I travel to Lichfield (Staffordshire) in England to visit family and work from there.

Yes. If SEO activities are done monthly, I offer (only) UK clients to stop at any given time.

I am available from Monday till Friday from 08.00 till 16.00. You can contact me by phone with +31 6 39882603 or e-mail

At first we schedule a phone call to discuss your business goals. After this we schedule a meeting to discuss opportunities, costs and benefits. I start with analysis of your website and use this data to create a strategy or SEO plan. On a monthly basis we work toward your goals and report results. When goals are achieved, we determine new goals to continually improve your website, because competition is also working hard to achieve more visitors, leads and revenue.

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