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I help you grow with the power of SEO

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SEO Specialist.

As a freelance SEO Specialist I focus on start-ups, eCommerce SEO and international SEO. I help with the full spectrum from technique to UX, content, links and conversion.

eCcommerce SEO.

With eCommerce SEO, I work on the whole customer journey. And in particular, improving the performance of categories, product pages and ranking in Google's organic product grids.

Website Migration.

Plan ahead to prevent loss of SEO performance and revenue. Stimulate growth with adequate support during a website migration to a new domain, webdesign or website structure.

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kevin van beek, freelance seo specialist

You're looking for a freelance SEO Specialist as a plug-and-play solution. Someone who leads a team of professionals within your business. Straight to the point and always a dedicated SEO Specialist with experience in the most competitive markets (insurance, finance, energy and retail).
I achieved my Bachelor's degree in Media and Entertainment Management. Eventually I started working in marketing and specialised in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Improved rankings, traffic, leads and revenue for multiple e-commerce websites and international brands in Google (without advertising).
I had the pleasure of gaining experience by working with over a hundred websites and multiple agencies, such as: iProspect, Media Blue International and Kliq Internet. KLM, PayPal, Allegro, Voetbalshirts Koning, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Chocolate Company, Office City, Intertoys and Blokker or some of the companies I worked for.
✓ Available for temporary and long term SEO assignments.
✓ Work remotely or in any desired office within the Netherlands.
✓ Working together with other professionals within your business.
✓ Integrate SEO as an important role within your marketing strategy.
✓ Experienced in competitive markets (insurance, finance, energy & retail).

"I help your business grow with the power of SEO"


Collaborate, innovate and ownership


Here I provide help for marketing agencies as a Freelance SEO plug-and-play solution for your clients.


For businesses that need help with SEO. More quality traffic, leads and sales with Google and other search engines.


Learn about SEO in my SEO training courses from experience. For individuals and businesses.


Developments in organic search behaviour

In the last months, you could have experienced major performance changes due to a series of Google Core, Spam, Review and Helpful Content Updates. Also, Google’s smartphone feature Circle of Search creates new opportunities, especially within eCommerce. The use of AI in search algorithms continues to change. The shift from the traditional blue link approach in organic search towards dynamic SERP’s is continuously being experimented with. The use of AI in organic search isn’t new and started in the early 2000s. Using AI such as ChatGPT-4 or Gemini Advanced as a secondary search source – and other organic search platforms besides Google – are changing the way searchers / visitors perform their journey towards information. Use search trends to your advantage and focus on the overall direction organic search is developing towards.

"Often times SEO, CRO and UX are seen as separate disciplines. For me conversion (CRO) and user experience (UX) are an extention of SEO."


The biggest search marketing conference in 2024

In April, I will be in the city of Brighton in the United Kingdom to explore the biggest search event, BrightonSEO. Twice a year, this event takes places for SEO professionals and search enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences.


Jerry - Owner,

"Very satisfied! Clear communication about results and changes made."
🏆 Top positions achieved.
🏆 92,55% more organic visitors
🏆 45,74% more conversions
🏆 More visible reviews in Google


SEO consultancy services from a professional

With almost a decade of experience in internet marketing and search engine optimization, I started my career as an employee at numerous marketing agencies. Mid 2020 I switched to working fulltime as a freelance SEO Consultant / Specialist, being hired by marketing agencies to work alongside their clients and educating other professionals on SEO. During my years of experience, I learned to work in multidisciplinary teams and built a portfolio working for marketing agencies and numerous businesses. From start-ups and small businesses to large corporations that generate 7-figure revenues. Contact me if you need any help with SEO in your business.

Kevin van Beek Freelance SEO Specialist in Zoetermeer
"I help you grow with the power of SEO"
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